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  • Andaman Sea - Phi Phi Don Island
  • Sukothai - Wat Sri Chum Mondop
  • Sunset at Krabi
  • Hmong Children at Chiang Mai
  • Shiva Lintel at the Khmer temple Phanim Rung / Buriram
  • James Bond Island at Phang Nga

A Junk Cruise in the Andaman Sea of South Thailand



Experience the coastline between Phuket, Phi Phi Island and Krabi on a 5 days / 4 nights cruise on board of "Dauw Talae"


 The Junk "Dauw Talae"


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Description of the ship:
The junk is a rustically built of wood  with a combination of traditional details and modern technology. With a length of 25 meters and a weight of about 85 tons, this ship is one of the biggest and most comfortable junks in the whole of the south-Thailand sea.

The ship offers more than enough space with its 8 guest- and 2 crew cabins, a deckhouse, the Quarterdeck saloon and the three sundecks, for 16 guests and up to 6 crew members. The kitchen serves a great variety of Asian and European meals. The „DAUW TALAE“ complies with international security standard and is steered and navigated by its German owner and his Thai wife.


Relaxing on the sun deck  Crusing in style...

The large sun deck


General Information:

  • All cruises performed under sails. The various route plans are subject to the decisions made by the captain, always considering the security first.

  • The cabins are simple and rustically (no showers in the cabins).

  • The ship has 2 Bathrooms with shower cabins and European toilets (hotel standard) together with two outside showers.

  • Use of snorkeling equipment free of charge.

  • Other sports equipment can be rented for charge: Scuba tanks, fishing tackle, kayak and surfboard.

  • The price includes: Half board inclusive all soft drinks.

  • For special occasions the ship can be booked for exclusive tours 
    (8 guests and upwards during the times not mentioned below 
    (For inquiries:  [email protected])

Sun Deck and upper Cabins

Upper Deck

Lower Deck

Cruise area:
The Andaman sea of Thailand comprises a nature and marine preservation park of around 15.000 square kilometers with about 3.500 islands. In this area you are able to watch birds such as tukans or sea eagles, which are only some of the endangered species which can be found there.

Most of the smaller islands are uninhabited and offer unimaginable coral- and sand beaches, which invite you for some great swimming. Gigantic and impressive limestone formations with mysterious stalactites/ stalagmites - caves and caves salience sometimes 350 meters vertically out of the water. Their bizarre forms seem to show stoned pictures of animals, made by mother nature

Cruise area "Krabi"


Diving facilities onboard the Dauw Talae:
The Dauw Talae isn’t an usual diving boat, but a cruise, which offers additional facilities for experienced divers. Non-diving guests are not disturbed by the activities performed by the divers. However, the ship does not offer a diving course- there are also no coaches on board. The crew actually wants to encourage diving coaches to put together their own groups and programs. Guests with expected experience can borrow diving equipment on the normal cruises.


Gorgonias in the surounding waters of Krabi


You are able to discuss details about your individual diving experiences with the owner of the ship, who has a diving experience of 25 years. The junk also offers a great opportunity for underwater videographers and photographers. The ship has enough sheltered areas where divers can prepare their equipment and recharge batteries. After dinner, the underwater films, shot during the day, can be watched on TV and copies can be made on normal videocassettes. 

The Bauer K 14 compressor (20 lt.-tank = 6 min.), which can be found in the trunk of the ship, provides you fast and quietly with filtered air. For the re-charging of the batteries, 220 Volts are offered, together with 12 and 24 Volt on board. Freshwater for showering and cleaning of the equipment is is available in efficient quantities.

The Dauw Talae anchors nearby great diving spots. One is able to take relaxed diving trips anytime during day and night. If wanted, we will accompany you with our 40 PS dinghy. 

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